How Woke Won

Joanna Williams
Victoria Hall / Online
26 Sep 2023 8:00pm - 9:00pm
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How Woke Won; the elitist movement that threatens democracy, tolerance and reason.

Wokeness has conquered our institutions. The worlds of politics, academia and even corporate capitalism now bend the knee to the new orthodoxies around gender, racism and identity. Drawing on her recent publication, How Woke Won, Joanna Williams explores the intellectual roots of wokeness and how this movement, which poses as radical and left-wing, came to be embraced by some of the most privileged people imaginable. Joanna argues that anyone interested in building a truly free, egalitarian and democratic society needs to tackle wokeness head-on.

Joanna Williams is the founder and director of the think tank Cieo. She is the author of How Woke Won (2022); Women vs Feminism (2017) and Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity (2016). She is a columnist for Spiked and writes regularly for a range of publications including The Times, the Spectator and theTelegraph.

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