A Walk with Laurie

Highgate Gallery
10 - 23 May 2024

 (Detail) Segovia: screenprint 30x42cm. © Denise Purdy 2023. All rights reserved.

Gallery times: Wednesdays to Fridays 13:00-17:00,
Saturdays 11:00-16:00, Sundays 11:00-17:00,
Mondays & Tuesdays Closed
Private View: Friday 10 May 2024 18:00-20:30

This group exhibition shows the work of twelve artists who create pieces using a variety of printmaking techniques such as Linocut, Collagraph, Drypoint, Monotype, Screenprint and Polymer etching.

The common theme which unifies the works is Laurie Lee’s writings of people and place.

Laurie Lee (1914-97) had an intense yearning for adventure which beckoned him at the age of nineteen to leave the safety of the small Gloucestershire village of Slad where he had grown up. Taking a violin and a few biscuits he set out walking one midsummer morning.

And walk he did: over twelve hundred miles through Spain, exploring the country as it was in 1935, as yet unspoilt by civil war and tourism.

The Walk I: relief print 70x57cm © Helen Boden 2023. All rights reserved.

His writings include:

‘Cider with Rosie’ (1959) – an account of growing up in Slad.

‘As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning’ (1969) – a semi-autobiographical account of his walk through Spain.

‘A Rose for Winter’ (1955) – a return to Andalusia with his wife.

‘I Can’t Stay Long’ (1975) – essays written from memory about his travels.

Lee’s poetic and descriptive writing sparks a creative mind. The Bodenpress artists have used traditional printmaking methods and contemporary style to create their artworks. The work will be displayed with the extracts from Lee’s writing which inspired them.

The work is varied and exciting as each artist has their own vibrant style and format.

Under the Surface: collagraph 30x30cm © Marian Carter 2024. All rights reserved.

The artists have been exhibiting in galleries and art spaces together for many years and this will be their sixth literary themed exhibition. They have had works in international print shows such as the Bankside Gallery, Mall Gallery and at The Royal Academy in London.

The artists will be available throughout the show to discuss their work and promote the practice of printmaking to the wider audience.

All the prints were created at Bodenpress studio near Tring, Hertfordshire.

Printmaking is an intriguing art form, with many techniques and processes used to create original fine art prints.  Some are unique, others are part of a small limited edition, and all are hand inked. The works are for sale along with a catalogue that has been produced for the exhibition.

Website:  www.bodenpress.co.uk

For further information contact: Helen Boden

The Exhibition co-ordinator: Claire FitzPatrick

Boden Press Private View took place on Friday 10 May