A treasure-trove of Highgate history

The Archive houses a wealth of documents and pictures of all kinds relating to Highgate, its environs and its residents since the early 17th century. It also includes a unique collection of paintings of Highgate, dating from the 18th century to the present day, many of which are displayed around the Institution. We have photographs, postcards, prints, newspaper cuttings, personal memoirs, books and maps. As well as our own Institution’s archives, we hold the records of a number of Highgate organisations including the almshouses in Southwood Lane, the St Pancras Girl’s Orphanage, the Mothercraft organisation at Cromwell House and the recently acquired archives of what became known in Highgate as the Mary Feilding Guild. Our extensive holdings are listed on the Archives Hub here.

Our archives are open to anyone who wants to learn more about the past of the local area. If you want to find out about your family, the history of your home or street or a local school, business, shop or pub why not contact us? The Archives are open to researchers by appointment. This is usually on a Tuesday or Thursday morning. For those people who cannot make the journey, we will undertake research for them. We can be emailed at the address below. This service is free to members of the HLSI, local schools and amenity groups, university students and school children. Digital copies of documents and photographs are only provided free of charge where the copies are for personal use by an individual or organisation.

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