Fun & Irony in Art History

Estelle Lovatt
Victoria Hall / Online
21 Mar 2023 8:00pm - 9:00pm
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Image: © Cristina Schek

Art critic Estelle Lovatt has the experience of being on both sides of the canvas; having trained as a painter and read art history, and she has been a gallery exhibition curator.  She is able to teach, judge and talk about works of art from Cave Art to Banksy.

She reveals, informally directs and humorously explains the meanings and intentions behind some of the more challenging masterpieces in art history. She suggests ways to best appreciate and understand contrasting artworks from different periods, isms and styles. Increasing our understanding of both the artwork and the artist’s intention; letting us uncover the hidden art connoisseur within ourselves – this is art history, but not as we know it.

Estelle Lovatt is also a freelance art critic for BBC radio and TV, and for various independent radio stations throughout Great Britain. She writes reviews for numerous magazines and newspapers and lectures at the Hampstead School of Art.  She leads a very popular guided tour ‘Constable’s Hampstead : Walk and Talk Art and Art History’.

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