Different ways of writing lives

Ann Oakley
Victoria Hall / Online
28 Mar 2023 8:00pm - 9:00pm
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Different ways of writing lives: thoughts collected over many years

Ann Oakley is a writer and a sociologist. Most of her life has been spent working in university research. She is best known for her work on sex and gender, housework, childbirth and social science. Her more recent interests have focused on evidence-based public policy and methodologies of research and evaluation, on the sociology of the body and on biography and autobiography as forms of life-writing.
She has written research reports, textbooks, biographies and books about the history of social science, gender and health care. She has also published eight novels, poetry and autobiography. In this talk she will reflect on the conventions separating these forms of writing, and how they work (or don’t work) in practice.

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Susan Loewe Memorial Lecture