Printmakers Council
Highgate Gallery
07 - 20 Feb 2020
Tuesdays to Fridays 1-5pm
Saturdays 11am-4pm
Sundays 11am-5pm
Mondays Closed

Image: The Dutch Dodo © Tammy Mackay

TIME is an exhibition of new work by the Printmakers Council. Determined historically by the rising and the setting of the sun, our now 24-hour economy urges consumer purchasing of smart watches: it’s not just telling the time but scheduling what to do with it. The Printmakers explore our complex relationship with time.

EVENTS: Free admission

Sunday 9th February 2-3pm: a series of 15 minute talks “Time v. Art”

Sunday 16th February 2-4pm: Workshop – Create a print in 10 minutes

Printmakers Press Release

The Steps to Henry VIII’s wine cellar / Etching 10x10cm, © Peg Morris

Momento to Mori © Jacki Baxter