Chess Group

Andrew Costeloe
Gosling Room
24 Apr 2024 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Summer Term 2024: Start 24 April 3.30pm Gosling Room (10 weeks)
Full term dates to be confirmed

Members & Non-members: £30
Taster class: £3

Please pop into the office to pay on 24 April

This course is for beginners and improvers who want to learn to play Chess the right way, to understand the rules, have some fun and meet other people whilst learning and going on to compete.

The sessions will be tutor led with discussions on openings, the importance of the middle game and studying the end game to improve your play.

Tactical demonstrations and strategy will be aided with puzzles and quizzes.

There will be a period of supervised play with advice and where possible players abilities will be matched and feedback offered.

This course provides an excellent opportunity to take up a ‘new’ interest and enjoy the intellectual, social and emotional benefits of Chess that include but are not limited to: enhanced thinking skills, improved memory, problem solving and increased self-confidence.

Our chess tutor is Andrew Costeloe who is also an HLSI member. He is an experienced teacher, as he was a full-time teacher at Highgate School for 29 years and still employed at that school, as he works with the after-school chess group. As a player he categorises himself as a strong club player having won seven amateur tournaments.