Bringing Down Goliath

Jolyon Maugham
Victoria Hall / Online
05 Dec 2023 8:00pm - 9:00pm
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Bringing Down Goliath: how good law can topple the powerful

Jolyon Maugham founded Good Law Project in 2017 with the belief that the law can also put power in the hands of ordinary people. It has brought a series of landmark cases against the government and won widespread acclaim in successfully reversing Boris Johnson’s unlawful suspension of Parliament.  Already the largest legal campaign group in the UK, Good Law Project is shining light into corners the establishment would rather keep dark.

In his book Bringing Down Goliath, Jolyon Maugham reveals the story behind these landmark cases and the hidden fault lines of our judiciary system. He offers an empowering, bold new vision for how the law can work better for all of us in the fight against injustice.  He also explains the journey that inspired him to dedicate his life to legal activism, and reveals why he believes that the power of the courts may be under more threat than ever from an increasingly authoritarian state.

Jolyon Maugham is a lawyer, writer and the founder of governance watchdog Good Law Project. At the age of 45 he was described by The Times as ‘one of Britain’s leading barristers’ but only a year later started to wind down his practice in order to start a brand new not-for-profit.

Since its inception in 2017, Good Law Project has become the biggest legal campaigning group in the country, has won some of the leading constitutional cases of our times.

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