Bodenpress: The Poetics of Print

Highgate Gallery
28 May - 10 Jun 2021
Tuesdays to Fridays 1-5pm, Saturdays 11am-4pm
Sundays 11am-5pm, Mondays Closed

Connections:  screen print 30x30cm
©Jeannelise Edelsten 2020

Link Up: screen print 30x30cm ©Helen Boden 2020

Wealdstone turned to Waves; reduction Linocut 30 x 30cm ©Marian Carter 2020

The Poetics of Print shows fourteen artists’ interpretations of John Betjeman’s ‘Metroland’ and other selected poems.  Bodenpress printmaking studio exhibits a diverse range of printmaking techniques and styles on a uniform scale, as each piece considers movement and a new era of travel.  This exhibition will be an informative exploration of traditional print.  A catalogue will be available.

Closed for Maintenance; polymer etching and monotype 30 x 30cm ©Karen Martin 2020