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I love taking prints, embroidery, appliques – precious things that seem to be from another time – and using them to create a contemporary, new story.Recent course member

Attlee’s career and achievements, both in peace and war, inevitably lie in the shadow of Winston Churchill. He has been much under-rated both as Prime Minister and as Churchill’s deputy. This is true in the field of biography too. John Bew’s book is a major contribution to remedying this. Deeply researched and stylishly written, Bew makes sure that fitting justice is done to Attlee’s personal and professional bravery in two World Wars and in the political turmoil of the peace. Bew’s biography also shows that Attlee’s life was virtually a history of the Labour Party in the 20th century.

Among John Bew’s other books are Realpolitic –a history (2016) and Castelreagh – a life. (2011). After living for many years in East Finchley, he has recently moved south, but remains a staunch Arsenal fan.

Person painting

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Material List

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  • Variety of needles to accommodate different thickness of thread
  • Embroidery threads of different colours and weights
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery hoop: 6″ is a good size for samples
  • Variet of fabrics: calico is especially useful for samples
  • A4 ring binder with plastic pockets for handouts and samples aaaand A5 ring binder with plastic pockets for handouts and sample
  • Paper for note taking and designing
  • Pen, pencil, black felt tip, fabric marker of your preference

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Reading List

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A good overview of world embroidery is provided in Mary Gostelow’s Embroidery: Traditional designs, techniques and patterns from all over the world (1977), which can be obtained cheaply second hand. Quilting, Patchwork and Appliqué: A World Guide by Caroline Crabtree and Christine Shaw (2007) is more recent and has some stunning images. “Test quotes”

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