Conditions of Hire


The health and safety of our visitors, volunteers and staff is our top priority. We ask that all users of our building follow the current hygiene guidelines.  The NHS guidelines can be found here. If the official guidance changes we will respond straight away.

We request a deposit of £250.00 for all social events. This is banked and held until after the function in the event of any damage, excessive mess, over-running of booked time, the creation of undue noise or the inclusion of more guests than agreed. We expect however that the premises will be left as you found them and your deposit will be returned once all property belonging to the hirer’s caterers and employees has been removed.

Payment of the deposit ensures a specific date is reserved but is not guaranteed until the hiring contract has been drawn up to the satisfaction of both parties and signed, one copy to be retained by each, and full payment received by HLSI. Full payment (in addition to the deposit) must be made one month before the function.

You may like to consider insurance for your private hire event.

Cancellation Fees
The following cancellation fees will apply. If notification is received more than four weeks in advance, 25% of the deposit will be retained. In the event of less than four weeks notice being given, a charge of 50% of the deposit will apply.

Access is available at the start of the agreed set-up time. The caretaker will clear the Victoria Hall and Members’ Room. S/he will also supervise clearing up and secure the premises at the end of the clearing-up period. These matters need to be discussed with the office manager before the contract can be finalised for signature.

This is a residential area and we ask you to be considerate of our neighbours. We regret therefore that the following cannot be permitted:

Excessively loud amplified music
Smoke machines
Helium or ordinary balloons
No overnight storage
Confetti, rice, glitter, or rose petals
No smoking on the premises
No alcohol or music after 11.30pm
All guests must leave by midnight

Cleaning up is the responsibility of the hirer and should be completed within one hour of the function finishing.

Vehicles may park temporarily on the pavement by the front steps for unloading and reloading only. Please note hirers may not park in the garage yard behind the premises.

Individual radiators may be adjusted up or down as required but no additional heating appliances may be used.

The Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution is not responsible for failure in the supply of water, gas or electricity to its premises.