Tom Stoppard: a life

Hermione Lee
16 Nov 2021 6:00pm - 7:00pm
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Photo © Lee Pilson

Dame Professor Hermione Lee is a biographer, critic and academic.  She is a former President of Wolfson College and Professor of English Literature at Oxford University.

She is making a welcome return to the HLSI to tell us about her recent biography of Tom Stoppard. Those of us with long memories will remember her lectures on her biography of Penelope Fitzgerald in 2014 and of Virginia Woolf in 1998.

With unprecedented access to private papers, diaries and letters, she traces Tom Stoppard’s Czech origins and childhood in India, explores every piece of writing he has done and discusses every play and film he has ever worked on.  This is the story of a complex and elusive man, which tells us an enormous amount about him, but leaves us also with the mystery of his ultimate unknowability.

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