The Blue Chair and Places in Between

Christopher Johnson
Highgate Gallery
04 - 17 Apr 2025 -

Amaryllis, Christmas Cards, Caudle Green, and The Blue Chair:
oil, acrylic tempera, dry pigment and soft pastel on paper, approx 120x98cm
© Christopher Johnson 2023. All rights reserved.

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Private View: Friday 04 April 2025 18:00-20:30

For the past forty years of living from his work as a professional painter, Christopher Johnson keeps returning to the themes of people, in their places, supported by colour, with the emphasis of “a light touch on a pedal that engages us directly with the present”. This can veer between the gift of silence and the chorus of life in a street – the ordinary is extraordinary enough for him.

Coronation: mixed media on paper 147x117cm © Christopher Johnson 2023. All rights reserved.