Life after Life

Beyond the Likeness Group
Highgate Gallery
04 - 17 Mar 2022
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Highgate Cemetery is the inspiration for thirteen artists, all trained in portraiture, who bring their own personal interpretations to paintings of some of those who are buried there.  In doing so they discover the richness and diversity of their worlds and and examine their legacies.

The Group explore scenarios in which different centuries come together, presenting those with contradictory and complementary attitudes.  They investigate attitudes to sexual mores, the environment, different cultures, the individual, and even the Cemetery itself.

Those being featured include:  Eva and Walter Neurath, founders of Thames and Hudson;  Shu Pao Lim, founder of the Chinese Community Centre;  William Friese-Green, inventor of the motion picture camera;  David Edward Hughes, inventor of the microphone;  Bert Jansch, folk/jazz guitarist;  Jane Arden, film director;  Mehmet Aksoy, filmmaker;  Berenice Sydney, abstract artist;  Elizabeth Siddall, artist and muse; Malcolm McClaren, visual artist and performer;  Charles Cruft, founder of the dog show;  Claudia Jones, journalist and activist;  Philip Harben, first celebrity chef;  Ernestine Rose, suffragist, abolitionist and free thinker, and the Lost Girls of Highgate, 10 residents of a home for ‘lost women’.

With a wealth of artistic talent drawn from around the world, all of whom have very different cultural approaches to death and commemoration, Life after Life is a unique look at mortality, the march of time and the inevitability of our demise, from a unique Highgate Cemetery perspective.

Study for Angels II – oil on linen board 40x30cm © Belinda Wrigley 2021


The Beyond the Likeness Group consists of former and current Art Academy London students who met while studying on the Contemporary Portraiture degree course.  Members – who are from four continents and have nine languages between them – are: Norman Frost;  Corrie Georgala;  Alicia Griffiths;  Patricia Gutierrez;  Kate Linden;  Constance Regardsoe;  Jess Routley;  Minnie Scott;  Paul Starns;  Ruth Swain;  Susan Terrones;  Richa Vora;  Belinda Wrigley.

Their work has appeared in various national competitions and galleries, ranging from the Royal Portrait Society, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Mall Galleries, Ruth Borchard, Ashmoleum Musem, Holly Bush, London’s Newington Gallery, in the book ‘Portraits for NHS Heroes’ and in several online exhibitions.  All work in this exhibition is for sale.

01 March 2022 at 6pm on Zoom: Ian Dungavell, Chief Executive of the Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust, looks at what cemetery memorials tell us about those they commemorate, and those who commission them, inspired by the memorials in Highgate Cemetery of those depicted in Life after Life.

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