Organic Origins

Keith Hammond
Highgate Gallery
06 - 17 Mar 2020
Tuesdays to Fridays 1-5pm
Saturdays 11am-4pm
Sundays 11am-5pm
Mondays Closed

In ORGANIC ORIGINS Keith Hammond conveys the majesty and meaning of the natural world as he finds it around his neighbourhood of Hampstead Heath and Waterlow Park. In multi-image, large-scale photographic works, he explores the complexity and richness of nature element by element, much as the viewer, in the course of a walk on the Heath, scans and lingers on a myriad of long views or close-up details.

Keith Hammond press release (2)

“I have had a passion for trees since I was a small girl.  If you’re similarly attracted to their changing colours and shapes, please spend time at Keith Hammond’s exhibition at the Highgate Gallery.  He is a remarkable photographer.”  Dame Judi Dench, 2020.

First Frost on Leaf and Grass in Hampstead Heath, photography © Keith Hammond