Frays and Furies

Vivien Thomason
Highgate Gallery
04 - 17 Jul 2025 -

 (Detail) Five Furies 6: Acrylic on canvas 80x60cm.
© Vivien Thomason 2023.
All rights reserved.

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Private View: Friday 04 July 2025 18:00-20:30

Thomason unleashes female warriors to right millennia of subjugation and misogyny. She disrupts the passive image of muses by recreating Gauguin’s Tahitian young women as powerful drip-rendered ‘witches’. In her dramatic, fluid abstract paintings she references the climate crisis and colonialism. Her career in fashion helped fuel her dynamic, vibrant colour palette and unique perspective.

Three Witches, Tahiti: acrylic on canvas 100x80cm. © Vivien Thomason 2023. All rights reserved.