A Shared Landscape

Ariella & Jonathan Green
Highgate Gallery
02 - 15 Oct 2020
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Detail of ‘Thirst’ ©Ariella Green
textile collage 2019

In this joint show, their first in Highgate, Ariella and Jonathan Green are showing recent work expressing the idea of a shared landscape. They both make images including landscape in their work, but the theme of the show also applies to the shared landscape of their life together, their experience of living and travelling, creating a home and family; aesthetic correspondences that come from making art, looking and working together, and sharing ideas and materials.

There are definite contrasts as well as connections. Ariella creates textile collages filled with layers of memory from childhood history, family and mythic narrative, peopled with figures and animals. Landscape and other elements from her origin in Israel are combined with those from life in England. Recently she includes an increasing response to the international situation; issues around reaching out to each other across cultures and experience, the possibilities in diversity and need for contact as well as dangers in misunderstanding.

Jonathan’s oil paintings commonly begin with the experience of a state of being in landscape – felt moments and a sense of self.  During work on the painting these moments link in reverie to other aspects of emotion, relationships and memory.  The language of the paintings is particularly the use of colour and form linked to emotion and thought. Some of these landscapes come from a time following the loss of his parents in 2014 and 2016, marking their passing with memory.

Quartet Dancing, 27 x 38 cm textile collage ©Ariella Green

Ariella Green is a textile artist who has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. She trained at St Martin’s School of Art, Goldsmiths College and Manchester University and has exhibited with the Crafts Council, “62” textile and “New Fibre Art” groups. She a member of the Contemporary Applied Arts (CAA) Gallery in London ‘representing some of the most talented and skilled applied artists working in Britain today.’ (www.caa.org.uk/). ariellagreen.com

Sunrise Chandratal, 70 x 100 cm, oil on canvas ©Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green took Art at A level and a History of Art Tripos at Cambridge University before attending Art school in Paris and Winchester as time out from medical studies. He is now a Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Manchester and has continued painting throughout his medical career, recently exhibiting more regularly. He has also combined experience in child development, psychology and art into writing and lecturing on an ‘interpersonal approach to painting’ (for instance – DOI: 10.1192/apt.bp.108.005751).

Covid Diary
In March 2020 Ariella Green responded to the beginning of the Covid lockdown with the decision to generate a diary of textile collages. Over the subsequent five weeks she generated a full 25 works which have now been put together by Adam Green into a video-collage of its own, with music and commentary.

Ariella’s “Covid Diary” can be seen here

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Contact: Jonathan Green

Events – ‘A Shared Landscape Shared’    Sundays 4th and 11th October, 6.30pm-8.30pm

Two evenings of interaction and reflection on themes from the show, with talks, poetry, and more:

‘Beauty Gives Me Courage’ – art and resilience in difficult times.

‘The Symbolization of Love’ – art and empathy, loss and renewal.

Tickets: £10 each (£7 for HLSI members).

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