Spanish: Beginners CEFR A1/A2

Esperanza Fernandez
Linden Room
Wednesdays 10.30am – 12.00pm

Summer term 2023: 19 April 2023 – 28 June (10 weeks)
Half Term Wednesday 31 May 2023
Members:  £100. Non-members: £126
Concessions: £10 (call the office 020 8340 3343)

CEFR Definition

For students joining this class during the Summer term, please note that it was a beginners’ class at the start of the year in September, 2022. Tutors will help you to catch up but it will be clear that other students in the class will have advanced beyond complete beginners. 

This course is for those who want to communicate effectively in a range of everyday situations.

Topics covered will include: personal information, shopping, directions, ordering food and drink, booking a hotel room, travelling, and other areas of interest. Students will also learn to talk about home, family, work and leisure, including events from the past, and plans for the future.

Grammar and cultural aspects will be incorporated into every topic. The present will be the main tense, including ser and estar, regular, irregular, reflexive, pronominal and radical changing verbs, although other past and future tenses will be introduced to students as needed.

Speaking will be the main activity, and students will be encouraged to participate in role plays, pair and group work, small presentations, games, and exercises. Other activities will include: reading and listening comprehensions, translations, and written homework using the textbook, and handouts provided by the teacher.

The target language will be used as much as possible, but grammatical and cultural explanations will be done in English.

The book we will be using is Sueños World Spanish 1 (BBC) ISBN 0-563-47246-4