Spanish 2 (Intermediate)

Esperanza Fernandez
Gosling Room
Wednesday 12.30pm - 2.30pm

This course is for those who have studied for a minimum of two academic years or equivalent, and who want to communicate effectively in a range of topics from everyday situations to home, family, work & leisure, as well as events from the past and plans for the future. Students will be expected to have some knowledge of present, preterite, imperfect, past perfect and future tenses, although these will be revised and practised as needed.

Topics covered will include giving instructions and commands, buying clothing and souvenirs and talking about what you like to wear, making plans, arrangements and suggestions, talking about jobs, careers, likes and preferences, telling stories and anecdotes, predictions and probabilities, making complaints and reporting problems.

The tenses we will be exploring will be: present continuous, gerund, pluperfect, imperative and subjunctive.

Speaking will be the main activity, and students will be encouraged to bring personal, cultural, and topical news to the classroom, and make short presentations about them. Students will also participate in role plays, pair and group work, games and exercises.

Other activities will include: reading and listening, comprehensions, translations and written homework using the book and handouts provided by the teacher. The target language will be used as much as possible, but grammatical explanations will be done in English.

The book we will be using is Sueños 1 (BBC) ISBN 0-563-47246-4 and Sueños 2(BBC) ISBN 0-56351912-6

15 September - 08 December 2021 (Half term Wednesday 27 October)
Non-members: £178 (12 weeks)
Members: £147 (12 weeks)
Concessions: £10 (contact the office for details)