Russian Language and Culture Level 2

Elena Malysheva
Mondays 10.30am - 12.30pm

This course is for people with some basic prior knowledge* of the Russian language, wishing to improve the basics of communication, further explore the complexities of Russian grammar, and gain an insight into the mysterious Russian soul.

Each two-hour session will consist of reading, writing, speaking and understanding basic Russian.

Topics will include: family and work relationships, interests, weather, customer service interactions and other. All the grammatical explanations will be given in English.

Each session will also cover an element of Russian culture, literature, music and history. Discussions in English will include gender representation, relationship between church and state, iconography, early Soviet rock music, rise of nationalism, and much more.

Materials. Worksheets, links, audio recordings, suggestions for further reading, and other resources will be provided.

If you are unsure about whether the level is the right one for you, please contact the office ( to arrange a conversation with the tutor and/or a trial session.

* Prior knowledge means being able to read and understand Russian words as well as have a bank of very basic vocabulary (personal pronouns, some verbs, and words used in simple interactions, like “may I have”, “please” and “thank you”).

13 September - 06 December 2021 (Half term 25 October)
Non-members: £178 (12 weeks)
Members: £147 (12 weeks)
Concessions: £10 (contact the office for details)