Barbara Pöllet
Gosling Room
Wednesdays 2.45pm - 4.45pm

This course is for students who are proficient in the language, having studied it for five to six years or spent time in the country. It is aimed at those who wish to maintain their proficiency and refine their vocabulary, and who are interested in keeping up to date with social and cultural aspects of the country.

The maximum class size is 10. The class will be conducted entirely in German, and there will be discussions of current and past social and cultural aspects of the country.  Grammatical issues will be addressed as needed.

Materials: A variety of materials will be used, including short visual clips, audio clips for listening exercises, grammar presentations and interactive games.  Different texts will be handed out, and students will be asked to buy a novel.

The novel to get for the Autumn term is: Die Unscharfe der Welt by Iris Wolff, Publisher: Klett-Cotta Verlag ISBN 978-3-608-98326-5 n

15 September - 08 December 2021 (Half term 27 October)
Non-Members: £178 (12 weeks)
Members: £147 (12 weeks)
Concessions: £10 (contact the office for details)