The Philosophy and Literature of Herman Hesse

Darren Harper
Gosling Room
Saturday 8 June

10.30am - 3.30pm

Members:  £55  Non-members: £65 
Concessions: £10 (call the office 020 8340 3343)

Paths of Insight: Exploring Wisdom in Siddhartha and the Short Stories of Hermann Hesse

This immersive one-day course navigates the intersection of literature and philosophy within the profound works of Hermann Hesse. Delve into the philosophical underpinnings of Siddhartha and decode the allegorical richness of Hesse's short stories, ‘The Poet’ and ‘The Three Linden Trees.’  Engage in nuanced discussions, guided by probing inquiries, as we unravel the philosophical tapestry that defines Hesse's literary exploration of profound self-awareness and enlightenment.

Darren Harper holds a BA (Hons) English & Creative Writing (1st class), a PGCE in Lifelong Learning, and has been an adult education teacher for 10 years.  In addition to teaching at the HLSI he teaches residential courses at Dillington House (Somerset) and Higham Hall (Cumbria), as well as Stoic retreats in Somerset, Northumberland and Morocco.  He offers study days at various independent libraries and adult education centres in the UK, as well as on-line courses at .  Darren has recently completed his first book, Encounters and Reflections: An Introduction to Philosophy.