Chess Coached Group

Gosling Room
Saturday 11am - 12.30pm

Spring Term: 14 January - 25 March

Members: Free
16 places available so please book soon.

The course is aimed at all player levels including beginners. The ideal target of the course is a player whose knowledge of chess is relatively basic, but with a solid grasp of the game's rules. The course is aimed to bring the player from a basic understanding of the key concepts of chess to a more nuanced and complex appreciation of strategy and tactics. Each lesson will be structured as follows:

  1. General understanding of the concept (e.g. mobility = What is mobility, why is important, how it is realized on the chessboard)
  2. Examples from real games (Classics and recent)
  3. Concrete problem to solve on the chessboard
  4. Free play and/or simultaneous games (where the teacher plays simultaneously with all the students divided per chessboard)

This layout is thought to be reiterated in each lesson and student are encouraged to show the tutor their games if they play online and he will try to address specific common mistakes. Considering the course level, the problems that usually arise are similar (e.g. inability to coordinate pieces, limited knowledge of openings, fear of development etc.).

Specific Requirements for the Course
Please bring your chessboard and your clock (if you have any).