History of Art

Jo Cottrell
Thursdays 10.30 am - 12.30pm

Art and Society in the 20th Century

This is a repeat of the 2020-21 course

This course is for anyone with an interest in the history of art and visual culture of the 20th century. It will focus on art and society in a range of different contexts from both a European and a global perspective. Rather than being a survey of individual artists or schools we will examine a series of case studies based on a set of over-arching themes. Themes include modernity and the avant-gardes, art and performance, conflicts and aftermaths, art and independence, and art and identity. Selected case studies include fin de siècle Vienna, London and the avant-garde, cabaret and modern art, the Harlem Renaissance, the Spanish civil war, and African modernisms. The course is structured chronologically, and the weekly lectures are accompanied by slide presentations.

16 September - 09 December 2021 (Half term Thursday 28 October)
Non-Members: £163 (12 weeks)
Members: £132 (12 weeks)
Concessions: £10 (contact the office for details)