Spring 2024 Courses

HLSI Members: Tuesday 28 November 2023 10am
Non-Members: Tuesday 05 December 2023 10am

Spring 2024 courses at a glance

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We are delighted to present our spring 2024 programme. As well as our extremely popular courses in Music Appreciation, History, Literature, London Walks, Art and Embroidery, we are excited to introduce new tutors and new courses. Do look over each section to discover what appeals to you, especially if it is something new you would like to try. The committee are keen to build on the range of what we offer, both in class at HLSI and online. Further suggestions and introductions from our membership will always be appreciated; please let us know if there is something you would like to study/practise that we do not currently offer.

Some points to draw to your attention:

  • If you have not done so yet, become a member. Our fees increased slightly last September to take account of rising costs but our annual membership remains the same: currently £120 per year for an individual. If you follow a course for a year, you save the membership fee by paying the lower members’ rate and profit from early enrolment. In addition, you will have access to a wonderful library, free lectures and debates, and the enjoyment of all the periodicals in the members’ room. It really does make sense to become a member. And, extremely important: we would love to have you in our community - to chat, to share a coffee or a glass of wine after a lecture. Do come in!
  • Allied to the comment above, please ensure you always log in online before you book courses: this way you are guaranteed to pay the right members’ rate for your course. The log in button is on the home page. Please note that only current members – fees paid up to date – can access the lower rates. It is not possible to have members’ rates and pay the membership fee retrospectively.
  • We are a small organisation that cannot meet its costs without a certain number of students registering for a class. Regrettably we sometimes have to cancel courses for lack of enrolments. We also ask you to think carefully about your personal calendar before you sign up: we cannot provide refunds, other than related to serious sudden medical conditions or similar. From September 2023 we have introduced a £25 administration charge for refunds to cover the cost of extra work incurred.
  • Where dates are given for two terms you can expect that course to continue through the spring and summer terms. Some courses are spring term courses only. In each case, the days, dates and length of the course are given below the course heading.

 *Fee Concessions
We are committed to making our courses affordable to as wide a group as possible. A number of places are available at £10 per term/course for people dependent on income-related state benefits. Please contact the office for details on 020 8340 3343

How to enrol
Please enrol online if possible. If you have difficulties with this, you can enrol in person or by telephone 020 8340 3343

New courses to look out for spring 2024

  • Garden Design: container gardening
  • Apocalypse London: the City in Dystopian Fiction
  • History of Art: Fin-de-Siecle Paris
  • History of Art: Van Gogh – a personal perspective
  • The Philosophy of Dostoevsky – one-day course
  • The Philosophy of Tolstoy – one-day course
  • Music Appreciation – a short study of ‘Folk’
  • Two new Architecture Walks

We are looking forward to your company on this new year’s journey: log in and sign up!